The Nicor Gas home energy report: Designed to help you understand your natural gas use and lower your bill.

Saving energy is easier when you have the right tools. That's why the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program is providing home energy reports to our customers. These reports offer a detailed and ongoing analysis of your energy use.

Home energy reports will help you understand how your home uses natural gas. You will be able to identify ways to better save money and energy.

Your home energy report gives you:

Usage comparisons
See how much energy you're using compared to similar homes in your community.
A breakdown of your energy use
Learn about how much of your natural gas bill goes towards different energy loads such as space heating, water heating, appliances, and more.
Energy-saving tips
Get savings tips relevant to you.

Update your home profile for the most accurate reports

To get the most accurate data on your home, make sure you fill out your home profile.

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