Do you have questions about your home energy report?

We have answers. Please see below for responses to common questions about the Home Energy Reports and your energy data. For questions about privacy concerns, check our privacy policy.

  • Why am I getting the home energy report?

    You are receiving home energy reports from the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program to help you discover opportunities to save money and energy.

  • Why was I selected to participate?

    You were selected because, based on an assessment of your energy use, you have potential to save more money and energy. Home energy reports can help you better understand your usage and find effective ways to save.

  • How can my friend/relative/etc. sign up to receive a report?

    Currently, this is a limited offering, and only a small sample of customers have been selected to participate. In the meantime, customers who are not current participants can find out more information about how to save energy and money on the Nicor Gas website.

  • Can I opt out of receiving reports?

    Yes. To stop receiving reports, head to our opt-out page and enter your information.

    If you're opting out because your report information seems incorrect, you can update your home profile to ensure your next report is more accurate.

  • Is my information kept confidential?

    Yes. For detailed information on how we manage your information, please read our privacy page.

  • How accurate is my report?

    The breakdown of your natural gas use is based on various factors, including how much gas your home uses and weather changes. Its accuracy can be impacted by having more or less people in the home for an extended period, experiencing unusually cold weather, making big changes in your home’s appliances and equipment (e.g., replacing an electric water heater with a natural gas water heater), or using less common gas appliances (e.g., natural gas fireplace, jacuzzi tub, natural gas outdoor grill, pool heater, etc.).

  • What other homes am I being compared to in this report?

    Your home energy usage is compared to that of more than 100 other homes that have similar characteristics to yours. These homes are divided into two categories:

    • Average home. This is an average of over 100 homes in your community that have similar characteristics to yours, such as home type (e.g., condo, single-family dwelling), home-heating type, and home size.
    • Efficient home. This is the top 25% of all the homes used to calculate the average home benchmark (that is, the quartile of homes like yours that use the least natural gas).

  • Why is there such a large difference in the amount of natural gas people are using?

    Many factors affect how much natural gas a home uses. These include:

    • Home type (e.g., on average, condos use less than single-family detached homes)
    • Home size (on average, smaller homes use less than larger ones)
    • Age and efficiency of the home's heating system
    • Insulation, window, and draft-proofing quality
    • The type of water-heating system used (electric or natural gas)
    • Thermostat settings
    • Occupancy (number of people in the home, and number of hours spent in the home)
    • Number, age, and use of appliances

    For example, in comparing two structurally identical homes (built at the same time by the same builders with the same configuration and specifications), one may use three times more natural gas than the other based on some of the above factors.

  • What do I do if I'm being compared to the wrong type/size of home?

    Nicor Gas gets information on your home's size and type through public sources. If you feel your information is incorrect, please update your home profile. This will allow you to give us accurate information about your home so we can compare you to similar homes.

  • What is included in the different breakdown categories?

    Here's a description of what is included in each natural gas load:

    • Home heating: Natural gas furnaces, boilers, fireplaces, and/or integrated heating systems.
    • Other natural gas appliances: Natural gas water heaters, dryers, ranges, grills, etc.

If you have a question that isn't covered here, please contact us.